SUNDAY Worship gathering

Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of his wonderful; acts. Glory in his holy name (Psalm 105: 2, 3).


At Northwest Covenant Church we believe worship means to "glory in God's holy name," to exalt him as Lord. Or, as it is translated in The Message, worship means to "honor God's holy name with hallelujahs."

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We will spend eleven weeks looking at and reflecting upon a portion of the Book of Psalms that contains, perhaps, the most beautiful and most influential writings in all of Scripture.

Specifically, we will explore a section of the Hebrew Psalter called the “Songs of Ascent” (Psalms 120-134). These are psalms that were memorized and sung by the Hebrew people as they journeyed to Jerusalem for the great religious festivals. They will help us make sense of our own “faith journeys’ because they teach us about God and ourselves. Moreover, they address many of the themes of Christian discipleship and provide a way for us to remember who we aremand where we are going. These “songs for the journey” will incite our emotions, inform our minds, move our wills, and encourage us in our daily walk with Christ.

                                                   June 23                 Protection                 Psalm 121

                                                   June 30                 Worship                     Psalm 122

                                                   July 7                    Service                       Psalm 123

                                                   July 14                  Help                           Psalm 124

                                                   July 21                  Trust                          Psalm 125

                                                   July 28                  Joy                             Psalm 126

                                                   August 4               Blessing                    Psalm 128

                                                   August 11             Perseverance           Psalm 129

                                                   August 18             Hope                          Psalm 130

                                                   August 25             Humility                     Psalm 131

                                                   September 1         Obedience                 Psalm 132