A Community Church

Northwest Covenant Church is a group of people that have a heart for our local community. We are located right in the Fairview Elementary neighborhood and everyday we try our best to show the love of Jesus to our neighborhood families, our teachers and schools, local non-profit organizations, government officials, and our beloved ice cream shops. 

We are always seeking to serve with our community, build bridges, stand in solidarity with those on the margins, and partner with what our community is already doing.

Does this sound like you...? Do you want to make our world a more just and merciful place to live? Get in touch, we'd love to meet you and hear your story and learn about what is happening within our community. 

A Space for Grace

As followers of Jesus Christ, we models our lives after Him. We seek to be a community that embodies the grace of Jesus in all aspects of our lives. We need His grace every day of our lives! We acknowledge that we are all imperfect, we get it wrong, and we are in constant need of grace and forgiveness. We are not a perfect community, but we strive to be a graceful community. We might not agree on every part of life and faith, but one thing we must always agree on is this: 

We must always treat one another with Grace. 

Our Community will always be as a Space for Grace! We are an accepting and caring faith community, where all people are welcome and where no questions are “out-of-bounds.” We seek to create an environment that is safe for all people to come in to and be who God created them to be. We want Northwest to be safe space; physical safe, spiritual safe, and emotionally safe. 

What Does The Evangelical Covenant Church Believe? 

Although we are like many evangelical congregations, there are four values that characterize our church and our denomination, the Evangelical Covenant Church, and make us unique: 

  1. We are evangelical but not exclusive. 
  2. We are biblical but not doctrinaire. 
  3. We are congregational but not independent. 
  4. We are traditional but not rigid. 

These values have shaped our past, and continue to motivate and inspire us today. Historically we have always sought to do life together; read scripture together, discern together, and find unity in Jesus together. If you are interested in a more comprehensive look at our Core Beliefs ("The Covenant Affirmations") you can find them at our denomination's website We look forward to meeting you in person and journeying with you in this next season of your life and ministry.